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Seven Tips To Empower Living in Wellness

For those who have supported my journey thus far, I would first love to say, thank you. It truly means everything. With that, I would love to share my tips of wellness that I have learned in this journey and that has kept me healthy through each trial and triumph. I pray that these tips resonate with someone, no matter what stage of life, and that it provides support, empowerment, and healing.

1. Don’t live by default—live by design. Doing things because your family is full of this profession, or because other people your age do this, doesn’t mean that is what GOD designed for you to be. Tap in. Look at that design plan.

2. Fear is okay. But, don’t make fear your freeze—make it your fuel.

3. Positive change will NOT feel comfortable! If it makes you sick to your stomach, if your flesh is battling your spirit, then you are RIGHT where you need to be. JUMP.

4. Self-healing truly is the FIRST step towards having meaningful relationships and a fulfilling life. Endeavor on the the journey to be patient and brave with yourself on this journey of self-discovery, because there is no destination—only daily learning another beautiful attribute about yourself that you already possessed.

5. Allow yourself permission and liberation to be who you were designed to be, and believe that you deserve it to be it!

6. Courage is recognition of the risks that are present in a situation, and choosing to build from those risks into the benefits, understanding that is a risk in itself, yet there is higher worth in the benefits. Therefore, be brave.

7. Be your most authentic you. Trust me—no one else can do it better.

Bee healthy.

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