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Mama, What's Cookin'?

The heartwarming, fun-filled adventures of a mother and her daughter--

even through disability.


What's Cookin'?

Mama What’s Cookin' recall the stories of a young girl experiencing the superwoman that she perceives her mother with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is, while the rest of the world sees a disability. The short stories highlight the specific depictions of motherhood that was successfully carried from a physically-disabled mother to her daughter. Each story unpacks the intersection of societal norms, media perception on ability status, cultural norms, and social vulnerability to confront the ongoing challenging experiences of having a disabled parent. It is fun, heartwarming, nurturing, and open on the authentic and poetic experiences in reminding the entire world (and herself) of the ability in her mama’s disability.

You are in the right place if you...

+ Have/had parents, spouse, or loved one with a disability;

+ Are a parent, spouse, or loved one with a disability;

+ Are a Mother;

+ Have a magnifying relationship with your mother;

+ Have a complicated, estranged, or apathetic relationship with your mother;


+ Have experienced loss or grief of a parent, spouse, or loved one;

+ Enjoy heartwarming stories about the authentic experiences of true love.


My Dear Mother, Cindy Rae

Cindy Rae was a beautiful, big-hearted woman born in Memphis as the oldest of three girls. While growing up in Worthington, Ohio, she radiated in her intelligence and athleticism which landed her the opportunity to graduate early and play basketball for Ohio State at the age of 16. While playing, she started to lose balance, and then found out that she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

Despite her diagnosis, she always had a bright smile, warm words, and a way in making everyone feel special and loved. She was an incredible wife and even greater mother which continues to resonates on all of the experiences of those impacted.

Cindy Rae is strong, sensitive, sultry, and sweet. A beautiful depiction of womanhood--flawed and perfect. Most of all, she knows what's cookin'!

Mama What's Cookin' Covers Topics About...

+ identity in hair within the experiences of black women;

+ symptoms of disability and the impact on childhood experiences;

+ family interactions around those with disabilities and caregiver experiences;

+ the necessity of prayer and the complexity of faith and belief; 

+ humanizing the perception of those who have diverse levels of abilities;


+ cooking experiences with loved ones;

+ forgiveness, healing, grace, and love while confronting unhealthy behaviors and setting boundaries within family;

+ healing complex relationship with family members, especially with a mother-daughter interaction.

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About Dr. April Bee

Dr. April Bee is a storyteller with a heart to encourage and a calling to impact. Through her personal and professional experiences, Bee has used transformational speaking, coaching, teaching, and writing to share her testimonies. She stands on the foundation of authenticity and integrity in hopes of inducing connection and liberation for all who are sought to listen.


After losing her mother at 14, Bee was inspired to address the impact of trauma on holistic wellness in a way that is empathetic, educational, empowering, and moving as a community. Therefore, Bee currently works in strategic wellness plans for businesses and organizations, as well as training professionals on community engagement. Bee is also a body liberation coach--guiding the community on strategies to liberate our body from trauma in a holistic manner.


Bee sees the hesitant vulnerability in sharing personal truths and thus walks with others in ways to find confidence in one's personal voice again. Her faith in Christ has given her an unwavering strength and peace while walking in such discipleship. Bee aspires to demonstrate an attainable representation of hope that is personally and uniquely defined for each person so that every individual is aligned with their purpose while being in their most healthiest selves.

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