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In life, sometimes you have to cut things off—the thing that you thought you could never let go. For me, it was my hair, which I chopped off in December 2017, and cut to half an inch 10 months ago. I thought it was the only thing that made me beautiful. The main thing that everyone complimented me on. Yet, I cut it off. Not out of spite. But, I cut it to exercise FAITH. Faith that letting this go would lead me to receiving so much more from Him.

My hair was so damaged and unhealthy beforehand, yet it looked pretty on the outside.

Do you know things in your life like this?

My hair masked the insecurities I felt about feeling beautiful, as it was the only confidence I had. So, I had to cut it off and expose myself without the mask, and find REAL beauty for myself without the crutch. We all have those attributes that we plant our worth in.

If you were to let it go, who would you be?

The true beauty of this is my hair grew back WAY faster than before, and WAY healthier than before. If I never took the plunge, I would still be trying to make most out of toxicity, false confidence, and damage, versus allowing my garden to start over from the roots, being patience and trusting in the fruits that are to come. Not to anticipate for my hair to look like it used to, but endeavor on the journey towards being healthy and being confident, genuinely.

How peaceful.

I am grateful for the growth. Not just measured by the length of my locks, but the strength, the healthiness, the luster, the nutrients, and light I received in the process that I wouldn’t have received if I held on to my “long”, “pretty”, toxic hair. The most beautiful part is that He gave me back more than I originally had, just for letting go of what I didn’t need anymore. Growth is the catalyst to true beauty.

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