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Dr. April Bee

Wellness Coach, Speaker

"We deserve the space and opportunity to be our most authentic, healthiest, selves."

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20 speaking engagements, including 5 keynotes and 3 keynote panels of 1200+ attendees, speaking on corporate wellness, community efficacy, DEI initiatives, and college-aged professional development. Recently spoke for D CEO Women's Cohort Event powered by D Magazine.


Reached 20+ organizations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through interactive workshops, immersive speaking engagements and executive trainings to build organizational strategic planning and transformative wellness practices.


Certified Strengths Coach, Personal Trainer, and 200HR Yoga Instructor. Utilizes certifications to create curriculums on Social and Emotional Learning, Cultural Awareness, and Workplace Wellness. 


Organized and produced the first Black Graduation Ceremony at Washington University in St. Louis; now recognized as a Signature Event. Also, organized and produces the first Black Excellence Ball and Awards Ceremony at Lincoln University; funded Black Excellence Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen. 


Obtained Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate, selected for the Dallas Mavericks Business Assist Cohort, and received a third place award in the Dallas Entrepreneurship Center Startup Cohort.


Press Features

Here's where you can find my story:


Bold Journey Magazine



Multiple Sclerosis News Today


Voyage Magazine


Bacon Magazine

A little about me:

How the past empowers the future

I am your Executive Wellness Coach and Strategist. As a Certified Strengths Coach, I have worked extensively in the past ten years developing corporations, organizations, institutions, and communities on equity and inclusion, identity development, holistic wellness, and ethical personnel operations. With a mixture of strategy and empathy, I seek to empower and equip blooming professional spaces with the tools to prioritize wellness and connectedness, while creating an environment of the greatest excellence and productivity.


Along with this, I have a passion for reaching the common working person and empower each individual with the tools and confidence to boldly live a healthy life. Thus, I created my company, RAW Honey Wellness, to innovatively offer workshops, tools, and activities that move each of us into a healthier, happier, and more productive society. I believe in approaching each person with authenticity, affirmation, and clarity in a manner that is practical and relatable to each individual and ensuring a spirit of healthiness.

I am all about the community. Because of this, I serve as an MS Advocate for the state of Texas. I also develop and implement curriculum to educate black youth and young adults on social and emotional wellness, and volunteers the provision of physical health services to under-resourced neighborhoods.  With this, I serve on the Board for Parkland Hospital - C.V. Roman Health Center (Dallas, TX), Center for Brain Health (Dallas, TX), and Robson & Puritan Publications. 

I'm really excited to walk alongside you on your wellness journey. Are you ready for your transformation?


Highlighted Skills

Here are my area of expertise in the executive and lifestyle space. This is a birthplace of our aligning values.


Executive Coaching and Personnel Training


Curriculum and Program Development


Project and Task Management



Group Wellness Experiences 


Individual Wellness Consultation


Day of Event Coordination

Speaking Topics


Wellness, Professionalism, and Belonging in the Workplace 

Highlighting common topics within the workplace and learning specific and tangible tools to enhance work experiences. Includes interactive exercises 


Tangible Practice of Wellness to Address Chronic Illness

Discussing the impact of environmental, mental, physical, and social factors on chronic illness and introducing tools that can lead individuals and communities to healthier lifestyles. Includes interactive exercises


Developing Community Health and Empowerment in Grief

Dialoguing on community strategies that promote connection, unity, and collective healing. Includes interactive exercises




Executive Wellness Coaching Program

Your organization, business, or company will journey through a curated wellness program to enhance the four major domains:

-Identity and Overall Strategy

-Interpersonal Development

-Productivity and Success

-Holistic Wellness Strategies

This program is offered in flexible formats that include:

-8 monthly sessions

-4 quarterly sessions

-2 semi-annual retreats


Group Wellness Retreat

Are you and your social group ready for a revived transformation? You are ready for our Wellness Retreats! And in-home experience that focuses on individual and groups connections that enhance the quality of life while enhancing your social group.

The Retreat Includes:

-Wellness/Yoga Session

-Intention Session

-Group Reflection Session

-Affirmation/Celebration Session

-Mocktail Hour

-Photography Session

-Optional: Catered Meal


Project Management and Day-of-Event Coordination

Need assistance in organizing your plans for an event? I am here to help. 

Package Includes:

-Project Management Services

-DOE Vendor Support

-DOE Emotional Support

-DOE Task Management

Training Participant

Dr. Bee truly brought me to tears with her presentation. She has a unique way of being so nurturing, articulating our experiences, and then gives us tools that are practical and easily create solutions. She is so confident and so caring.

The stories that truly humble me.

Training Recipient

I couldn't believe how Dr. Bee's organization training challenged and changed our business for the better. She was so patient and so knowledgeable on every issue we addressed and she was prepared to provide empathy with a confident solution. She truly goes the extra mile to ensure that our company was successful.

DOE Service Recipient 

Dr. Bee brought so much ease to my event that I did not expect. She took over so many tasks that others were not executing, and she had such a pleasant attitude. She didn't show any sign of anxiety or worry. I will definitely use her to manage all of my events!


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